EEbook: Calling Romeo

In London,

Juliet and Will have been seeing one another for over two years and have lived together for the past eighteen months.

However, she is increasingly becoming disillusioned with Will’s selfish tendencies towards his new landscaping business. Currently, she waits for him to meet her at a bar before they are to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but he fails to arrive. She assumes he forgot being preoccupied with his work rather than her, but instead unbeknownst to her he fell asleep. Juliet turns to her pal Trudy for a chick lit whine (no cheese).

Several drinks later, a drunken Juliet, vowing to never forgive Will, goes to the Gents room to take a leak. The stranger with the sophisticated voice offers her toilet paper and himself in that order. Sykes, the creative director of a rival company, takes Juliet to Italy while Will mopes over his loss. Sykes showers the love starved Juliet with attention that Romeo would envy, but though she enjoys every fun filled moment, Juliet wonders if like a Shirelle, is she a lasting treasure or just a moment’s pleasure?

Though the ending seems phony due to an easy resolution, fans will enjoy this English contemporary romance filled with amusing acerbic comments about male shortcomings (physically and emotionally). Readers will feel for Juliet when she comes across insecure, but also be upset with her selfish outlook. Will seems pathetic especially when compared to his rival Sykes; so the former gets empathy. In all, the audience will enjoy the lighthearted CALLING ROMEO.


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