Ebook: Coffee house Angel

REVIEW: Much like a steaming hot cup of your favorite java, Coffeehouse Angel is a comforting, light hearted novel perfect for sitting back and savoring the moment with. One early morning, Katrina, a young teenager, looks out the window of her grandmother’s coffeehouse and sees a homeless man sleeping by the dumpster. Katrina selflessly takes pity on him and brings him a cup of coffee along with something to eat. Unbeknownst to her, the man is not homeless. He is really a handsome messenger angel named Malcolm who is merely resting in between assignments. Katrina’s selfless good deed earns her the right to her heart’s most intense desire. Sounds like a dream right? But if you only had one wish, would you really know what you wanted most to use it on?

Although a bit meek at times, Katrina’s caring, sweet nature did make her very lovable. I also thought her character was highly relatable when it came to comparing herself with her overachieving classmates and best friends. At one time or another most girls can probably relate to the problems Katrina had. There is so much pressure on teens to know “what you want to do” with the rest of your life and I thought Selfors did a great job delving into those feelings and issues. This is a great passage from the book that provides quite a bit of insight into the pressures kids face today –



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